Altredo Free Download

Altredo Indicator Free Download

Forex Pattern Recognition Indicator

Forex Pattern Recognition Indicator Lite version.
💰 Works for all currency pairs,
💰 All time frames,
💰 Generates sound alerts,
💰 Easy to install.

Forex Indicator Supertrend

Forex Indicator Supertrend

Supertrend is a forex indicator which is based on a mathematical algorithm and predicts the direction of price movement in the forex market. It is an advanced trend indicator and has been used in conjunction with an oscillator to detect forex trend reversal points and generate forex signals.

Altredo Golg Trading Signals

Gold Trend Forecasting Indicator

Gold Trend Forecasting Indicator analyzes the historical prices of Gold (XAUUSD) and
determines the current and future trend in the price of Gold.
Improve your technical analysis of live gold prices with the real-time XAU/USD (Gold) Trend Forecaster.
Works for Daily timeframe (D1) chart

Altredo Currency Correlation

Currency Correlation Map - Real Time

Currency Correlation Map - Real Time.
Correlation is a statistical measure of how two currency pairs relate to one another.
The greater the correlation coefficient, the more closely aligned they are.
In Forex markets, correlation is used to predict which currency pair rates are likely to move in tandem.